The past few months have seen opportunities that we have had to keep pretty close to the chest. We’re still working through everything and will keep everyone updated as well as we can. No matter the outcome, we have seen our production schedule change quite a bit. Luckily, those changes have opened up the opportunity to push out another project!

We are launching a new game: Reflections

Two players collaborate on the story of friendship turned feud. Narrate what gives rise to a duel to the death for two samurai.

Reflections is a new game we have developed that focuses entirely on player dialogue and improvisation. One of our primary goals is to create a system for players to quickly jump into collaborative storytelling. All you’ll need is an understanding of the framework, a character sheet, a handful of d6 dice, and an opponent willing to share your experience.

To illustrate how this game plays, we have a sample game provided by Jim McClure. Listen below or check the Reflections page to listen, sign up for updates, and see even more information regarding the game.

We are launching the Kickstarter on Tuesday, July 19th. We are sending updates leading up to the launch, during the launch, and following the launch to make sure everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

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How it works

Overall, Reflections is a stage for collaborative storytelling between two players. Our goal is to offer a platform on which an epic tale of how two samurai have gone from friends to feud to bloodshed can be built. Our concept was inspired by A Single Moment, a game written by Tobie Abad.

From this core concept, we are developing out a framework that greatly reduces mechanics during play so players can focus on telling the story of their samurai. Once a player knows how to play, they can follow the prompts on the character sheet, set their goals, and improv their collaborative story.

By focusing on setting a stage for the players to immerse themselves in their story, in their characters and in their environment, Reflections offers an open platform on which players can truly explore improvisational storytelling. Ultimately, though, one player will have to lose. Or maybe both lose. It is after all, a duel to the death. That could mean death for both samurai.

Our Incredible Art Direction, courtesy of Paulomi Pratap

Having someone set a plan in motion, laying the tracks for the system to be developed is important. Web Jim (Jim Merritt) has quite a bit of experience in the branding world and he knows how important it is to have someone keeping watch of the big picture. Without a strong concept, it would be even more difficult to keep all the pieces of this project under control. That’s where our Art Director comes in.

Paulomi Pratap is an Art Director born and raised in Texas. Paulomi loves tabletop games and RPGs almost as much as she loves her dog… or Tex- Mex… or Star Wars… or puns. Oh man, she really loves puns. You can check out Paulomi’s page here.

Artwork of Pavonis Giron

One thing we love, love, love, is artwork. That’s not a typo. We just love it that much. Asking a player to immerse themselves into another world is a hefty order. Not offering artwork to help spark the imagination makes it even more difficult. We believe artwork can help transform a story into an epic journey for our players.

We know firsthand how difficult it is to capture a visual concept in an intriguing way. We also know how difficult it is to translate that concept through multiple pieces while retaining visual equity. That’s why we spent some serious time vetting illustrators to find one that could match the style we were looking for. Looks like that was time well spent!

Our illustrator, Pavonis Giron, is a freelance artist hailing from the dusty and dry desert region of Southern California. Pavonis tackles various forms of media, ranging from 3D art to digital and traditional painting. The rest of their time is spent crying over the terrible 80’s fantasy films that inspired them to create art in the first place. Pavonis’ portfolio can be found at and they can be contacted at