We’ve been testing some things and taking some notes. We’ve been checking where we stand against our long-term goals. We’ve been dreaming up all the grand things that, of course, are going to happen. I mean, nothing can ever go wrong when you’re making a game, right!?

Since our first play-test in November at AcadeCon (check out the new site for 2016, and beyond!), we’ve been tinkering with smaller aspects of Reach of Titan. A few more Titans have been developed and some rough edges have been polished for the combat system. We think we are now ready to offer something that may be engaging. Even more-so than the teasers we pushed out months ago.

Up Until This Point

We had made the very basic, ultra slim versions of our classes available for download. Up until this point, however, we haven’t made any truly specific aspects of our combat system known. We have been able to share only with the few gracious enough to play-test version 0.0.01.

Our Plan

Within the next few weeks, we look to push out a packet that contains enough information to get people started down the path of Titan Killer. While this is still very early, we can safely say we’ve moved up to version 0.0.2. Our packet will include:

  • Revised class details where appropriate
  • A meta overview of how combat works
  • Five sample Titans with visuals for both players and GMs

Our plan is to launch this within the next two weeks, so in mid June is when you can expect the download to be available. The hope is that people will get their groups together so they can all take the time to try it out, play around with what we’ve made, and hopefully end up with some great stories to share.

Overall, we are very excited about this game. We find it engaging and can see a lot of potential in the eventual system we look to produce. Still, that takes some time and some effort, so we hope to share as much as we can along the way.

Thanks to all who read and play. And, of course, and comments or love/hate mail can be sent to thirdactpublishing@gmail.com.