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Reflections is a game of collaborative storytelling

We have officially begun production! That's right, the printers are churning out some pages. They're wetting those ink placement machines and warming up the staple handler machines and whatever else they do to get this thing going. We have released the digital version and you can grab as many character sheets as you need from the button below.

Download Your Character Sheet

Also, we're clearly not up on our printer jargon. And, there's only one character sheet. You don't need to download several to play. Maybe just download the one and print as many as you need.

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Reflections offers a platform on which to tell stories

The primary focus for this game is maximization of storytelling.
All points of the game are built to be as clear as possible in order to reduce any hindrances in a player's ability to tell a story. From the design of the character sheet to the simplicity of required materials, we want players to jump right in and begin their epic, collaborative story.

This is a game driven fully by player narrative.
Gameplay will consist entirely of collaborative improvisation by both players, some marking of a character sheet, and one or two rolls of the dice. In order to be successful, players have to be able to recount the tale of how the relationship with their opponent has come to bloodshed.

Reflections Scene 1: The time we were friends
Reflections Scene 5: The time we knew it would come to blood

Inspired by Ichi-go ichie

There are always multiple inspirations for projects, but one of the biggest defining inspirational concepts for Reflections is the concept of Ichi-go ichie. This Japanese concept centers around the idea that every event shared with another is a unique event that should be celebrated and honored as such. Although we may enjoy the company of a person or persons multiple times, each time we are sharing an experience with them, that time is unique and wonderful.

This concept captures what we believe Reflections is all about. Not only are friendships potentially fleeting, as is shown in the gameplay, but the moments that lead up to it are just as unique and important as all other things in life. As such, even the gameplay itself can be considered a moment shared between two people and should therefore be celebrated.

How to play

Once you read through the rules, all you'll need to play this game will be:

  • A character sheet
  • A handful of d6 dice
  • An opponent
  • A willingness to improv

That's it. It won't take much to play through multiple games easily. It's also a point for us to make it as easy for players to recount the rules to potential opponents so they can easily hand over a character sheet and say:

It's really easy to play this. Here's all you do...

That way you won't have a hard time finding opponents willing to talk through your epic stories.

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