Reach of Titan

Reach of Titan is a game designed to immerse players in a world where colossal beings are an integral part of the natural order. Civilization has come to depend on hunting these beasts. Whether for sport, for safety, or for survival, the hunt has become one of the most recognized institutions for all members of society.

Reach of Titan is a system designed for storytelling. Players are put into environments, and encounters, within which scale is a monumental factor. Reach of Titan looks to offer a clear, easy rules system that supports the storytelling as opposed to overwhelming it. That being said, we aim to make it so every decision counts and group strategy is required to survive any encounter.

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Last Update: Nov. 16, 2015

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Currently, we have four player classes for demonstration purposes. We are working to have seven distinct player classes at time of launch. Our goal is to allow players success with any combination of classes they prefer. Each class is built to offer a unique playstyle while not becoming a "required" class.

Anchor Class

The Anchor is a brawny support/active damage class that looks to control Titans with large ballistae and machinery.

Climber Class

The Climber is a fearless damage class that scales the Titans and deals direct melee damage to them.

Scout Class

The Scout Class is an observant ranged class that both deals damage and looks to direct group combat.

Trapper Class

The Trapper Class is a rugged utility class that offers both damage and knowledge of Titans.

Last Update: Nov. 16, 2015

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