Third Act Publishing looks to push tabletop gaming to a larger community while retaining the essence of what makes tabletop gaming great. We will do this through respecting our customers, clients and colleagues. We will celebrate our community while looking to push our hobby into new and novel areas.

Jim McClure and Jim Merritt are the creators of Third Act Publishing. These two developed the Talking TableTop podcast to celebrate the tabletop community through talking not only about the tabletop games, but the people playing these games. From there, Third Act Publishing was put together to allow Jim & Jim an opportunity to develop their own games.

When we talk about community, we talk about not only players and personalities within tabletop, but the people taking ownership of the hobby. Whether building systems, producing artwork, developing stories, publishing podcasts, supporting conventions, or however else they choose to participate, this community has been built not only by players, but by all involved. This community is a group of people who look to find creative ways of strategizing, socializing, or just plain playing games. That is what we celebrate, and that is what our focus is.

Our Primary Pillars

To know Third Act Publishing, Jim & Jim began by defining some attributes of their company. Above all, Third Act Publishing looks to consider four primary focus points:

Communication with the Community

We want to help build this community any way we can. We believe this can be done through communication, events, and awareness. With so many crossover points and so many ways to interact with others — to build a story and dialogue — there’s no reason most people can’t find common ground.

Through newsletters, game updates, sharing our process, and even just saying hey on Twitter, we are working to find our way into a role of helpful, supportive members of this community.

Forward Thinking

We are knee deep in a total revolution of technology, a renaissance. Each day we have something new – some new system comes out or some new language or interface launches — offering us new opportunities. We look to find ways to mesh the products of this revolution with the world of tabletop. There are countless opportunities to digitally enhance games without obliterating the nature of tabletop gaming. We look to find that balance.


Professionalism isn’t only in the materials you produce or the games you develop. Professionalism is the way you do business. It’s the way you talk with customers and colleagues.

We know we can’t succeed in growing not only our business, but tabletop as a whole, without respecting the community. Therefore, we vow to produce professionally, interact professionally, and communicate professionally since that is the only way to show the proper respect to all those who are generous enough to offer us their time or money.

User Focused

Even if you don’t like the games, our goal is to make our games so easy to use and so easy to understand, that you won’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time learning the game just to destroy us on social media.

Point of clarification: Easy to learn and easy to play does not mean simple. We will create complex and challenging games that will engage players. What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t spend so much time sorting through rules and secondary rules and tertiary rules that it takes you twice the amount of time to learn the game as it does to play. Often, this is due to a system that is not designed optimally for player experience. We will always try to avoid this issue.

Where We Go From Here

From here Third Act Publishing will develop games while finding new and novel ways to interact with the community. We want to keep a dialogue with our customers and colleagues. We want to take part in conventions, support artists and writers. We want to push the boundaries of tabletop gaming into new technologies. Above all, we want to find new ways to tell stories. We want to offer new platforms for you to tell stories as well.


We like tabletop. We like you. We like making games. Rock on, tabletop.